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{Book Reviews} Shattered World (Broken World, #2) by Kate L. Mary

Shattered World (Broken World, #2)
by Kate L. Mary
Publisher: Self
Released: October 4th 2014
Genre: Fiction- Adult: zombie apocalypse, horror
How I got it: Received a copy from the author

***Contains Spoilers for Broken World***

Stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert, surrounded by zombies, Vivian and Axl’s group are sure they’re facing the end. The dead are closing in and the shelter they were promised is sealed tight, only they refuse to go down without a fight. Just when they think they’ve run out of time, the doors to the shelter are thrown open and they’re given refuge. Five years in underground condos with all the provisions there for the taking. It’s almost too good to be true. With the promise of security, Vivian hopes she’ll finally able to take a deep breath and deal with everything that’s happened. The loss of Emily, her growing feelings for Axl, and the terrifying new world they’re facing.

But the group’s sense of security is soon shattered when they learn the shelter isn’t the utopia they thought it would be. It seems the company that built the shelter decided to solve their financial problems by selling off provisions, which means the group has to find a way to get food, fuel and medical supplies. Or face starvation.

And Vegas is the closest city.

With her feelings for Axl stronger than ever, Vivian volunteers to accompany him and a few others on a trip into one of the biggest tourist cities in the world in search of supplies. The city is overrun with the dead, but there are other survivors as well. Only not everyone they meet is a welcome sight. As the emotional baggage piles up, Vivian and Axl’s bond grows stronger than ever, but it doesn’t take long to realize that zombies aren’t the only thing they have to fear.

Review: This is book two in this serie. Vivian and her group have finally found a safe haven in the middle of the desert. The problem in things aren't quite as good as they seem.
In this installment Vivian and Axl are able to explore their relationship more. We also see how everyone relates when not on the run. Another new character on the scene is Vivian's mother. This allows us a look at Vivian's background more, getting to know and understand her a bit more.
The plot continues to move at a good pace. Even during the downtime the story was able to progress due to the romantic elements. I like how Ms Mary was able to balance action, suspense, and horror. I was a little perturbed by the cliff hanger ending, but hopefully everything will be sorted out in book 3.

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