Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

We picked today to visit the mill because it was over cast, a weekday and we went early. So luckily the place wasn't super crazy like the last time we tried to stop, when there was no parking at all.
I convinced DK to take me to the mill, because I wanted to get pictures of the falls behind the building. There is a wooden walkway down behind the mill. It's really pretty back there. Especially now with the leaves changing. The mill is quaint and small. I was hoping to see the pressing room in action or at least see the old press. It's said to run by itself, oh yeah the mill's haunted. But I think we got there to early as nothing was going on. Nothing paranormal happened and as you can see no ghostly visitors in my pictures. We did get some tasty apple cider and a caramel apple for each of the kids.


After the Cider Mill we stopped at Glenwood. This is a Catholic Cemetery across the street from Brookside.  It's a very pretty cemetery and has beautiful stones all very religious in nature. In some ways it was a little creepy to. There was one section dedicated to JRC (Jefferson Rehabilitation Center) which is a place that helps mentally handicapped individuals. This section didn't look well taken care of and just neglected. It was so sad. Yet the cemetery was peaceful.

It was kind of neat seeing the resting places of nuns and priests, made it seem more scared some how.
After this we crossed the road to explore Brookside a little bit more.

Firefighter Monument

All in all it was a nice day, while over cast it didn't rain on us while out and about. It was cool but not cold, basically a perfect Fall day.


  1. What a nice place ...fab shots :-)

  2. Everything looks calm and serene. Theres a graveyard here that we always go to also. Its nice to sometimes stay there for the peace and quiet. I have a linky hope you can join too. =) #ww

    1. It was very calm and relaxing walk. I'll stop by.

  3. Beautiful photo of the falls, and love the cemetery pics. Visiting our local cemetery is on my agenda for this month. My WW


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