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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Not So Happy Thanksgiving

So yeah my Turkey Day was not all that great. It wasn't the crazy in-laws or under cooked food.... it was a broken Kindle. Yup, my son was using my Kindle Fire to watch Netflix and dropped it. The screen smashed, and while it still worked I couldn't use it without getting shards of glass in my fingers. I'll admit it, I cried.
It was accident, but I was still very upset. Luckily I still have my Sony to fall back on but I won't be able to go through books like I was. I was taking the Kindle to work and using the text to speech function to listen to books. This meant I was getting through several books a week. The Sony is an older model and doesn't have that function.
With Christmas on the horizon, and then Birthdays right after I don't foresee me getting a new one anytime soon. Maybe I'll get another one at tax time, but we'll have to see what the future brings. As it stands I won't be taking any Kindle books in the near future.

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