Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{Book Review} The Crochet Workbook by James Walters, Sylvia Cosh

The Crochet Workbook
by James Walters, Sylvia Cosh
Publisher: Dover Publications
Released: March 19th 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult- Crafts, Crochet
How I got it: Received a copy from publisher

Take your craft to another level with this imaginative approach to crochet. More than just a manual on techniques or a pattern book, this guide shows how to transcend the use of traditional hooks, stitches, and yarns to produce truly innovative creations. A pioneering work in freeform crochet, the book is suitable for all ages and levels of expertise. It provides beginners with the chance to master basic stitches, and it offers advanced crocheters the opportunity to discover new ideas, colors, and designs.
More than 80 color photographs and 49 line drawings with captions illustrate everything from stitches to garment construction to finished products. A concluding section of practical information explains abbreviations and terms, and every chapter encourages the development of personal creativity and individual style.

Review: I found this to be an informative, if outdated reference. The practical information was great. While the freeform aspect is wonderful, to just go with the flow. I thought this was a wonderful book, but the pictures felt very eighties. The garments reminded me of things my aunt made is the late eighties and had around the house. Since the book was originally written back then, it's understandable but I wish they would have updated them. I also wish there had been a pattern for the hanging chair, because I totally loved this thing. Even if I'm not sure my ceilings would hold it.
The mind-mapping is an interesting idea for creating projects. I really liked all the reference material and how it was broken down. Learning how to create 3D projects, was really cool as I'd never though of crocheting three dimensional projects. This really isn't a beginner book, but more intermediate to expert. I liked it, but wish it'd had more actual patterns and better pictures.

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