Thursday, December 11, 2014


I feel like I've been pushed into the deep end of a swimming pool, don't know how to swim, somehow got turned upside down and have no idea how to get out again. We're moving. Yup you read that right we're moving to my FIL basement apartment. It's really nice, I guess, but I haven't been down there in years personally so don't know. Why?
Why are we picking up everything we own, moving from the place we own to one we don't? Why are we doing this so suddenly? Trust me I had zilch warning. Why are we disrupting our children's lives? Moving from the only place they've ever lived? Moving from the place they were born in? Why are we turning are lives upside down two weeks before Christmas?
Because people are A-Holes. Apparently you can't just be nice and polite to people. You can't keep to yourself and have others do the same. The world has turned into a very f-d up place where you have to worry about your children's safety even when their in your home. Because you don't know who your neighbors really are.
So if you are waiting on reviews from me their probably going to be even later than I expected. It's going to take forever to get resettled. We have 11 years worth of stuff to move and figure out what we're going to do with once we get there. I don't know how long it will take to get internet and whatnot turned on. No my FIL doesn't have internet... heck he doesn't even have a land line. This is a nightmare...I'll let you know when I've come up for air.

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