Thursday, January 22, 2015

{Book Review} Adirondack Ghosts by Lynda Lee Macken

Adirondack Ghosts
by Lynda Lee Macken
Publisher: Black Cat Press
Released: August 18th 2000
Genre: Non-Fiction- NA: Ghost stories, paranormal
How I got it: Bought it

ADIRONDACK GHOSTS presents stories of legendary haunts, spirited resorts, restaurants and museums where the departed continue making their presence known.

Review: I purchased this one, and the other two in the series, a few years ago from a small shop in Old Forge. The Hubby and I like hiking in the Adirondacks, we actually drive through places like Big Moose to get up there. So I was excited to read about the ghosts of these towns, I'd visited.
Complete disappointment. Ms Macken just regurgitated all the stuff already out there and not even in a creative way. Half was ghost stories and half was documenting, but they didn't mesh. I didn't feel it was as well researched as it could have been, either. I thought the tales were written to matter-of-factly to be scary. Sadly I felt this book could have been much better. I did enjoy the history that was given, although I wish there had been more.

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  1. Shame this book was a disappointment but thanks for these tips. Its books I would never have stumbled upon and that is why I nominated you


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