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Thursday, January 8, 2015

{Book Review} More Haunted Northern New York by Cheri Revai

More Haunted Northern New York
by Cheri Farnsworth
Publisher:North Country Books
Released: 2003
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Paranormal, true stories
How I got it: Bought it

Another fascinating compilation of true ghost stories and spirit encounters from around the North Country region. Cheri Farnsworth has done it again, weaving unbelievable bits of Northern New York history into these new chilling accounts of ghostly encounters and deftly illustrating the very personal nature of encounters with the spirits of deceased loved ones in this admirable follow-up to her best-selling book, "Haunted Northern New York."

Review: This is the second book in this fascinating series. I was a little thrown when looking this book up as it seems Ms Revai changed her last name at some point. My copy says Cheri Revai, while all the ones I could find online for pictures was Cheri Farnsworth, not sure what's up with that.
Again I really enjoyed the tales in this book. I like that these are of places I'm familiar with since I can easily picture the buildings or locations. In this book there is a section on encounters with loved ones. This is a very small part at the end of the book, with fairly brief stories. I really liked the history and felt the author did a great job researching the stories. Once again I was disappointed with the pictures, as those labeled as having spirits or orbs where just pareidolia. Basically I felt the author and/or photographer(s) where just seeing what they wanted to see. Still this is an interesting and enjoyable read. 

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