Thursday, January 1, 2015

End Of Year Wrap Up & New Year's Goals

So the best laid plans and all that rubbish. My personal goal was to have my slate wiped clean by the end of Dec and well it didn't happen. I came close, and all the 2014 books did get done. But I was hoping to get a little ahead of the game. With the breakage of the Kindle in Nov, and the move, I feel like I'm just falling farther and farther behind. I think I'm going to be taking a hiatus from reviewing for Dark Diva's as much as I love the company I think I need to focus on my own reviews, with opening Paranormal Brew in Oct and Surviving Being Me plus my writing  I have my hands more than full.
I feel I really dropped the ball with my reviews in 2014, even though I managed to get through a lot of books. Most were from NetGalley and I over looked many that were sent by the authors... I think I lost sight of why I created this blog in the first place and that was to help authors get their books out to readers. So some of my bloggy goals need to be reevaluated in this coming year.
I may bring back the video reviews or at least some audio ones. If I do I'll re-edit my old videos and re-post those as well. I mean they were fun, and I think I've lost my grip on the fun part of blogging. It's become as much a job as cranking out bathing suits, which let me tell you is damn boring now that I don't have my Kindle to entertain me. Podcast are ok, but I miss my books (whaaa). I'd say I'd get another one when I get taxes, but those are slated for paying back bills due to the move. If I managed to save any from that it will probably go to getting a new laptop because mine is getting really cranky, but I don't foresee that either. I'll have to keep my little baby limping along until my birthday maybe... ugh.
Ok enough pity party. Bloggy goals for 2015...
  • More reviews
  • More author stuff (guest posts, interviews, and spotlights)
  • Meme's (I miss doing the memes. I think they're fun and a good way to connect with other blogger, plus you can find fun blogs to read.)
  • Video Reviews? (ok this gets a question mark because well I'm on the fence about it.)
  • More Giveaways (I know you all will be excited about this one. Yep I'm hoping to be able to do more giveaways this year. Although that means I also need to find my books.... epeep!)
So there you have it folks, those are the goals for this 2015. What are your plans for the up coming year?

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