Thursday, February 19, 2015

{Book Review} Silhouette of Virtue by Jay Richards

Silhouette of Virtue
by Jay Richards
Publisher: Face Rock Press
Released: July 29th 2014
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Suspense
How I got it:Received a copy from the author

It is 1973. A small college town in Southern Illinois is terrorized by a spree of sadistic assaults. The rapist tells the victims all Asian women that he is making them pay for Americas betrayal in Vietnam. When the only other Black faculty member is accused of the crimes, African American philosophy professor Nathan "Ribs" Rivers struggles to suspend his doubts about his colleagues innocence.

Review: Nathan has a pretty good, if controversial life. He's a philosophy professor, lives in a small college town with his white girl friend and their mixed race daughter. This wouldn't be anything to note, if the book didn't take place in the 70's. Racism and civil rights are gaping wounds, with the salt of Vietnam and Watergate tossed into the mix. A sadistic rapist is targeting young Asian women on campus and the only other Black faculty member has been accused. In an effort to make sure this man, Duncan, gets a fair trial Nathan takes out a second mortgage and pays for his defense thus sealing his own fate.
I really like the suspense aspect of the book, trying to figure out who the perpetrator was actually was pretty much the only thing that kept me reading. Even this got bogged down in everything that was going on. Mr Richards does a great job creating this vivid backdrop of the 1970's you really get a feel for the turmoil and chaos the country was going through. Unfortunately I felt this warred with the story sometimes overshadowing what was going on with the characters. At times I felt this was more a book on civil rights than a suspense.
I couldn't connect with Nathan. He was distant and while not unlikable, he was unemphatic in my opinion. I didn't understand his reasoning for helping a man who's innocents he was questioning. I actually found myself questioning many things he did.
The book did have it's positive points the writing was well done, if heavy on the philosophy. The plot moved along well. Over all it was a decent read, with some up and downs.

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