Thursday, February 12, 2015

{Mini Podio Review} In Broad Daylight by Seth Harwood

In Broad Daylight
by Seth Harwood
How I got it: Downloaded it free from Podiobook

FBI agent Jess Harding treks back to Anchorage to hunt down a sadistic killer who's reemerged from a five-year hiatus--a killer who has already slipped her grasp once before. The endless days of an Alaskan summer can't thwart the fiend's plans as he slashes his way through the rural community, where everyone knows your name and always distrusts the outside. With the help of Oscar Linstrom, an old colleague who wants to be more than friends, Jess attempts to immerse herself in the area's culture, leading her to a strange rural village inhabited by Russian Old Believers hell-bent on protecting their way of life. Even the locals are outsiders to the Old Believers, and Jess needs a safehaven in the glare of daylight because a blood-stained message left at the scene of the most recent murder says Jess is no longer the hunter--but the hunted.

Review: This was narrated by the author, who while enthusiastic wouldn't have been my first choice. I liked the story, the plot kept me on my toes guessing as to when the killer would pop out next. Jess was a good main character, she was strong and I enjoyed her interaction with her fellow agents. Only thing is I felt she was a little slow on the uptake. It took her a while to put together things I got right off, and she had all the same information I did. Over all it was a nice listen and free so I can't complain to much.

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