Saturday, February 28, 2015

{Review} Active TRK series 8

I picked this little device up for $5.00 at Five Below a local store. I was looking for something to track my activity and wear on my wrist, as I'm constantly dropping my pedometer. I thought this would be nice as it comes with a free download app. Well you get what you pay for. The whole thing is super basic. The activity tracker is just a pedometer in a black rubber bracelet. To reset the pedometer you have to take it out, push a tiny button with a pin or pen tip. When you put it back it's jiggled and will record anywhere from 3- 13 steps from the jiggle, which kind of screws your reading up. Same goes for when you put it on your wrist, it will record extra steps.

Which means it's not very accurate, in my opinion. Contrary to this once it's on your wrist it takes some working out to make it register. Casual walking doesn't seem to record as well as speed walking or running.
The app you download to track your progress is really basic as well.

These are your four main screens, but there are other things. Over all it wasn't hard to use and kept track well enough. My only complaint was that it wouldn't remember my activity points when I put them in on the main screen. I had to go into settings and add them another way. It was very frustrating. I ended up deleting it from my phone, because I found it pretty much use less.

Just so this isn't a complete waste of money I might use the meter during the summer, if I can get out to walk.

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