Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{Guest Post} Mr.8 by David J. Thirteen

Don’t Wait to Write

Last year my father passed away. For me, the impact was like a meteor hitting the Earth. Our relationship wasn’t always smooth—my father was a reserved man from a non-emotional era. Of my parents, he was the stern disciplinarian that was always there to pull me back into line, and rarely there to offer comfort. But despite his stoic ways, there was love in our family that I always knew was there. And despite our differences, his death overshadowed many momentous personal events.
I made a huge life change that year. I quit my job, sold my house, and moved to a different city. This incredible turmoil was nothing in comparison to his death. Last year was also the year I completed my first novel and got a publishing contract. It was my dream come true and at the time it seemed like nothing else could happen that would have such a huge impact on my life. But fate stepped in and proved me wrong.
The holidays were naturally a little more sombre. There was no big family celebration but shortly after New Year’s, I visited my aunt and uncle. We spent an hour or two sitting by the fire and talking. As a freezing rain pelted the windows, the conversation drifted into reminisces of my father. I listened eagerly to their stories about him from long before I was born, and then my uncle said to me, “You know, he always wanted to write a book.”
My honest reaction was that he must be confusing him with someone else.
My father never wrote. He never talked about writing. There had to be some mistake.
More details came out and suddenly it seemed that not only did my father want to write a mystery novel but he had thought about it for years—decades. And the only record of this desire was the memories of conversations between these two men, who would get together and maybe sit and have a cigar after dinner. No one else remembers him ever saying anything about it.
It was news to my mother. She had never known about this dream while he was alive. And after his death, no works in progress were discovered around the house.
Did he scribble down a few pages only to have them end up in the waste paper bin? Did he write entire chapters? A whole first draft, only to throw it out in frustration? No one knows.
For me, finding out that my father also wanted to be an author was a profound moment: it was only after his death that I discovered we shared this common interest. This new connection makes me feel closer to him, but it also saddens me. I will never have the opportunity to read his words. I will never have him speak to me through years in the stories he told. I’ve lost something that I never knew existed. This unwritten book will haunt my imagination. The deprivation of never being able to read it will eat at me and keep me awake at night.
There are those that say it is easy to write, but the truth is it is far easier not to write. How many years in my own life have gone by where writing was just something that I wanted to do someday?
Don’t wait to write. The number of days we have are short and the book that you write may be more important to some reader than you can ever imagine.

Mr.8 by David J. Thirteen

Genre: Psychological Thriller / Horror

Psychology professor Denton Reed has been pulled out of the classroom to find a killer. Bodies are turning up all over the quiet town of Bexhill. They are found dismembered and burned beyond recognition in a snow covered farmer’s field, by the abandoned mill, and under the train bridge. The only clue linking the victims is the bizarre figure eight patterns left behind in

their homes.

Denton must use his unique profiling techniques to uncover the murderer, who the police have dubbed Mr. 8. As he begins to unravel the mystery, a strange pattern begins to emerge. Before their deaths, each victim was seized by dark obsessions and inexplicable changes in behavior. Whatever strange forces are affecting the people of Bexhill, they may actually be more dangerous than any killer.

As a wave of insanity sweeps the town, Denton will put his life on the line to get to the source of the madness and risk all to protect the woman he loves.
But is it already too late?

About the author
David J. Thirteen has studied English Literature, Film Making, and Media Studies. He has lived and worked in the technology field for twenty years throughout the North East, in both Canada and the U.S. Writing has been a hidden passion for most of his life.

Mr. 8 is his first published novel and will be in stores on February 5th, 2015. It was first written as a serial story on Wattpad, where it became a #1 ranked feature novel. He still writes and posts new stories.

David currently lives in Toronto, Canada and lives a bright life, while dreaming dark dreams.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23607905-mr-8?from_search=true

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Mr-8-David-J-Thirteen-



B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mr-8-david-j-thirteen/1121019076?ean=9781620156193

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidjthirteen

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Website: http://www.davidjthirteen.com/

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