Friday, March 27, 2015

Mom your a stick

My eleven year old came up to me last night and goes "Mom am I fat?"
Of course I go, "no, Honey, you're perfect."
She goes, "But I feel fat."
I say, "Your the way you're supposed to be."
She looks down at me and goes, "what about you, your a stick."
Now for the record I have always been skinny. I'm that chick at Mcdonalds scarfing down the Big Mac and fries, who you love to hate because it doesn't instantly attach itself to my thighs. At my heaviest I was 140lbs and at the time 10lbs was baby. I grew up with nicknames like string bean, twiggy and etc. So I'm used to this sort of thing.
I tell her, "sweety this is just the way I was made. I've always been thin, I can't seem to help it."
Her reply, "But I'm fat."
At this point I sigh, and say, "if you want to start eating a bit healthy and working out with me you can."
Seriously the kids have lazing around all winter, I'm totally going to encourage better eating and exercise. Since becoming a working mom, all the stuff I did with the munchkins has gone right down the drain. The kids eat junk and lay in bed playing video games or watching the boob tube. With Winter being as crappy as it has been and lasting forever, no one has been able to get outside. All of us have let our diets become unhealthy, focusing on quick comfort foods instead of healthy ones.
Of course J was quick to point this out saying "but you guys (me and her father) always buy stuff I want to eat."
She's right we do buy the crap foods, and I tell her so. Down side is I don't alway go grocery shopping with the Hubby and he gets food the kids will eat, bad or not. Combined with slacking on exercise because it's just too damn cold to care. We've lost our healthy way. Next week when we get groceries I think I'll be hitting the produce first and they the rest of the store.

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