Monday, April 6, 2015

Fitness Journal #3: Skinny Fat

This last week was not a good one, I've been seriously lax in working out. I'm several days behind on the yoga challenge. I could whip out multiple excuses, but the fact is I've been lazy. I know it doesn't hurt anyone but me, and nobody but me cares if I keep up with working out and eating right. Most people keep asking why I even bother. You're so skinny already. I go on blogs, sites, and etc everyone proudly posting pics of all the weight they've lost. Yet you rarely see a skinny chick, who just gets ripped. When I see picture of a woman who has a pic of her at 120lbs dowdy and frumpy then another at 130lbs with muscle tone, I find it inspiring because it is relevant to me. Not that all those folks who lose the weight aren't inspiring, it's just not what I'm trying to do.
I'm what is called skinny fat. My tummy jiggles it's just not that big, my butt is flat and flabby, and my arms have those unsightly bat wing things. People don't think I need to watch what I eat and exercise. I know I'm really the only one who matters, but it's discouraging to hear. No one would ever tell a fat girl, why do you bother. Unless they're a jerk already. A chubby girl dedicates herself to losing weight and getting healthy and she's cheered. Is it wrong that I want to be cheered, told good job, keep it up, looking good.
Between stress, work, kids, lack of sleep, and just plain feeling discouraged. I haven't even bothered with working out. I have been trying to still eat healthy and keep getting my calories from good stuff. I guess that's something.

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