Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fitness Journal #4: Traitorous Body

I finally found my groove, getting up and working out in the mornings. Everything was going good until yesterday, ok Thursday night. I went to bed fairly early with an upset stomach and I woke up feeling like someone had punched me in the stomach. Of course I threw up. This meant no overtime at work and no workout. When I finally crawled out of bed I was feeling a little better and was able to keep down some tea and toast, but shortly after I went back to bed. I got back up a hour or so later, DK had to run to the autoparts store and I was getting sore from laying in bed. He left and I flopped down in the chair to watch reruns of A Haunting. Thinking that if I could summon the energy I would do an easy yoga workout, I found one for sick people.
Before I could muster up the energy or zone out with the ghostly happenings, the school called. Now I had half expected this, given DK was sick with this last weekend and now I have it, but no it wasn't that one of the kidlets was throwing up. J fell in gym class and hurt her knee. I called DK and he picked her up on his way home. On the suggestion of the schools nurse, we took her to Urgent Care. With me trying very hard to suppress hurling chunks on the way over, while there and on the way back. The doctor checked her out and dubbed it a sprain, which I pretty much already called it, but we figured better safe than sorry. So J is laid up with a sprained knee, she's to stay off it, ice it and keep it elevated.
By this point all I want to do is sleep, my head is pounding and my stomach roiling. I'm finally able to crawl back into bed at 3pm and I didn't get back up until 7 this morning. Which sucked major butt, why? While I'm feeling better I'm not 100%. When I let the dog out it was perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold, a nice breeze blowing. If I hadn't felt like crud beaten with a stick, I could have gone for a morning run or walk or something. I kind of want to cry.
The first morning in I don't know how long that is just perfect and I'm sick.

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