Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fitness Journal #6: Judgemental Deer

So I tell DK last night that I'm going running in the morning and what does he say ok just don't get kidnapped, or murdered. Then he goes on to tell me it's much safer and more challenging in the yard going up and down the hill. Oooookkkkeeeeyyy! First who's going to kidnap and/ or murder me the deer. So far the most cars I've seen on the road that early in morning was like three. But I acquiesced to his overprotective influence and ran in the yard. This did not go well... I soaked my shoes because well it's a hill and it's been wet. It's Spring in NY folks, that means snow runoff and rain. Because it's a hill this all collects at the bottom and I ran through it. Squish Squish. Alright wet shoes will not deter me. I press on doing laps with the little Drill Sargent Lady in my pocket saying walk, run, walk, run... you get the drift (I'll get to the Drill Sargent Lady in a minute). I tripped on broken tree limbs, I stumbled on uneven ground, I nearly sprained my ankle in a hole and the whole time I felt like I was in highschool gym class doing laps. It was not fun. Oh and the stupid judgemental deer thought I was nuts. Seriously one even decide to come closer to look at the weird human running in circles.

It was probably ten feet away but looks farther in the pictures. There were two of them just hanging out watching me, until they got bored and took off. Just ambled away.
I didn't even finish the whole 30 min's I had planned, which I would have on the road because I would've had to in order to get home. My feet were wet and cold, it was much chiller out than expected, and I'd nearly sprained my ankle multiple times. But 25 min's is 5 min's more than last week and better than not going out at all.
Ok back to Drill Sargent Lady in my pocket, I downloaded an app to my phone called C25K - 5K Trainer or Couch Potato to 5K- 5K Trainer. In other words it's a program to help me work up to running the 5K. The idea is 3 times a week, for 30 minutes, for 8 weeks. Basically you run/ jog for about a minute then walk, then run alternating until you hit the cool down phase. It helps build your stamina and muscle by increasing as you go. I'll post a full review once I've used it for awhile.
I've also taken to jogging up and down the stair outside work during breaks, it's only probably 10 minutes a day, but it's something. My co-workers think I'm nuts and I got the usual why, you're so skinny, but I'm ignoring it. Surprisingly the Big Boss, thinks it's cool and we were actually talking about different outdoor stuff like kayaking and hiking.
Anyway my goal is at least 15 mins, at least 6 days a week of exercise.

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