Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fitness Journal #10

So I've given up on the morning runs, while I like them and found running in the morning fun. I'm just always worried that the kids will wake up and bug DK. Also DK worries about me getting kidnapped or hurting myself. In order to run I've been doing intervals up and down the hill in the back yard. At least by doing this I can drag the kids outside with me.
Downside is at about 10 mins my side is in a stitch and I feel like death warmed over. I really need to start pushing myself more, but I figure I'll do it in baby steps since I usually workout earlier in the day.
I've also discovered that for me looking at the scale is a very different experience than most folks. I want to see the scale going up, but the tape measure staying the same. This will mean I'm building muscle, not putting on fat. I was super excited when I saw 119 and all my measurement were the same as when I was 120. I know it's only 1 pound but 1lb of fat is huge compared to one 1lb of muscle.
Yes I had to show you. I'm proud of myself and yes I am going to pat myself on the back. Now I just need to keep it up.

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