Friday, May 1, 2015

Fitness Journal #8

So it was such a nice day I took and did a run/walk today. DK hasn't been feeling well, the kids were sick all week first C, then J. Both finally went to school yesterday and today. DK decided to lay down after we got home from doing errands, I took advantage of the kids not being home and went out for a half hour. While at Wally World today I got a set of walking weight, now I need something to hold my phone so it doesn't bounce around in my pocket and I can listen to music.
It will either be a arm band or a running belt I found on Amazon. I'm counting the weights as my Mother's day present and the other as an anniversary present, maybe.
Anyway I did probably 20% Jogging and 80% Walking, and Wk 2 Day 1 of the C25K program. I'm trying to come up with a Yoga workout that helps with the running. I canned the stair running, when our break schedule changed, and have been doing walks on the last two breaks with a co-worker. I might start doing the 5 mins on morning break, again though. The problem is we only get 12 mins and I like having my coffee. Coffee aka caffeine fix vs jogging up and down stairs. Hmm maybe I'll just chug it.

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