Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fitness Journal #9

I'm super mad right now! My week has been shit, everyday slightly worse than the one before. Taking over the dept at work has been super stressful, and teaching a newbie isn't easy. I really thought about quitting Thursday. I started running the stairs at work again just to burn off the angry energy.
I even ended up working Friday. All I could think about was after I get home I'm going for a run. I really need to just get away from everything even if for a half-hour. We got home, ate lunch and DK says I'm going to take a nap. Great, I say I'm going to go for a run, it's a little after 2pm. He gets all pissy and goes what about the kids. It's only 2 I'm only going to be gone a half hour. He still gives me grief so I say FUCK IT, I won't go anywhere. I end up laying in the yard reading a book for an hour and a half, waiting for the kids to get home. I feel like a pressure cooker, everything irritates me, and I just keep getting angrier and angrier. Having PMS doesn't help. Once the kids get home I try to calm down, I tell myself there's tomorrow morning. I have no idea why I lie to myself. I should have known C would wake up at the butt crack of dawn. He was actually demanding to go out and watch the sunrise. Seriously!
I feel like everything I enjoy is being taken away from me. I can't just enjoy reading anymore half the time I can't even concentrate to read. With the van acting up we can't go hiking, not that DK would go anyway. With DK and the kids coughing and hacking we can't even just go for a walk. I'm not allowed to go running, it seems.
One minute DK is encouraging me to get running socks, a few hours later he gives me grief because I want to use said socks. ARRGGGH!

Screw I'm taking the kids outside and running intervals on the hill.

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