Sunday, May 24, 2015


I was able to put in some seeds and do some planters this weekend. I was given some tomato plants and DK bought me a planter with some potting soil.

We also bought a hanging planter and some herb seedlings, I picked out rosemary and basil. DK also built me some rock lined flower beds around the posts outside. I put morning glory and marigold seeds in those.

J bought a pansy which I put in a ceramic pot that was sitting on the porch. DK put Norm the Gnome in one of the beds too. I managed to save Norm when we left the trailer. Anyway now we'll have some fresh herbs and veggies. Maybe we'll get some more planters and herbs to put in them. I've always wanted a window herb garden.
I can't wait for the morning glories to come up and wrap around the posts to cover the deck. Finger crossed they even come up.

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