Sunday, May 17, 2015

Macsherry Trail AKA Tick Paradise

So for our anniversary DK's Mom took the kids Sat night and most of today. After much deliberation we decided to do the Macsherry trail in A-Bay. This was a big mistake.
First off we didn't have bug spray (again), second they've moved the trail markers, so we totally got lost and had to backtrack, making a 1.8 mile hike a little over 2.  When we got home I found two ticks on me, one rather large one on my stomach and a smaller one on my ankle. DK found a very tiny one on his toe. While dealing with our ticks, DK's mom called and C had an accident at the playground. He's fine. He just fell and smacked his face on the balance beams. Sadly he has a small bruise on his cheek but other than that he's perfectly fine.

I did get take a few pictures of the trail, but as it stands right now I wouldn't venture out there. At least not without a ton of bug spray and GPS.

I took these with my phone, because I forgot to get new batteries for my camera, and they turned out surprisingly good.


  1. Looks like a pretty spot for a hike, sorry about the ticks. They seem to be awful this season.. Have a happy day!

  2. Aww be careful with the ticks! Not a friendly lot. But such lovely place to go to though.

  3. I just pulled a tick off of a student at recess yesterday. They are bad this year. Looks like a great place for a hike! Great photos!


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