Saturday, June 6, 2015

Journal #11 - Stressed Out

So lately I have been completely stressed out. Between work, DK, busted ass vans, and kids... well stress through the roof. Guess what you lucky people I'm going to purge.
Lets start with work a couple weeks ago the new girl broke the foot on her machine. Truth I don't think it was her fault I think the thing was older than dirt and broke due to it being a high stress point on the bar tacker. See I'm not the only one at my breaking point. Any way not a big deal because we had an extra machine and took the foot off of that one. Then she broke that foot, ok so we didn't have anymore extra feet laying around. We were down to two machines, but there's only two of us in the department so eh. Then the foot on my machine broke, sheared right the fuck off at the joint. Ok now it's Oh Fuck! time. Of course the Head Honcho was on vacation, in Las Vegas with a 3 hour time difference. So I'm down to one machine, by myself with a shit ton of work. We try re-soldering the pieces back together, we try this and that, nothing works. I say screw this and don't even bother working Friday. This last week, they ordered a new foot for $200... it was the wrong size. So they bring down a different arm and foot from an old machine, this works but only does small stitches. Frustration... make... Hulk... ANGRY! I really kinda wished I could turn green and all buff like the She Hulk. But then they probably wouldn't like it if I snapped the machine in half or pounded it to a pulp. Long story short I have three working machines, but only one that actually puts out work.
The van drama, our vehicle is a piece of shit. It needs a lot of work that we really can't afford to put in it right now. Let alone find a garage that will do said work. We are hesitant to buy a used one off someone because if we spend our savings on that and it breaks down we're screwed. We looked into buying a new one, but that was just a freaking laugh and not a nice laugh. An I'm laughing at you because you're so stupid laugh, not I'm laughing with you because you're so funny laugh. Doesn't matter anyway because we have to make sure there is some money in reserve for school clothes and Christmas because I just don't make enough. We've crunched the numbers and nothing works. Pretty soon I'll be riding my bike to work. Which probably wouldn't be a bad thing, but it would be tiring. There are several hills between work and here.  

Anyway I have been totally craving comfort food, which for me is Skittles or fried Chicken although not together because that would be gross. I've been really good though and only ate one bag of Skittles and it was a small bag. I've thrown myself into my workouts more and been pushing myself a bit. Currently it's all body weight based, but I've noticed that is getting easier so I'm hoping DK will finally bring the weights down. He's been talking about getting back into shape himself. So we'll see. But lately I've noticed that I have been completely exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get I'm still tired. Not sure if that's the stress or something else. I'm also really hungry, not like oh I'm bored hungry like real I need food hungry. Maybe my metabolism is raised because of all the extra/ more vigorous workouts. Not sure but it's weird.

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