Saturday, July 11, 2015

Journal #17

After work yesterday we took the kids and the kayaks over to the cottage. I only work 5 hours on Fridays right now so we had plenty of time to play in the water. Loading the kayaks together on the roof of the van is a pain in the you know what, butt (tiny chuckle) we managed. First I took the red one out with C in it too. Yeah it's actually big enough for him and I to sit in together. While DK and J messed around with the blue one. It was pretty windy and the water was rough, there were some small white caps out further in the lake. After a while C got bored and wanted to go in. DK had been messing around with the blue kayak and pulled his groin muscle while trying to get back in it after flipping it. After this the boys stayed on shore.
I switched kayaks and went out with J, trying to teach her how to paddle. Unfortunately she has really bad balance and kept tipping the kayak, we're going to work on that with some yoga. It takes a lot of core strength to keep those suckers balanced, especially in choppy water. My stomach muscles actually hurt slightly today.
J and I played around flipping and trying to get on the blue kayak. At one point I flipped it, on purpose, and smashed myself in the head with it, not on purpose. Now I have a tiny bump just below the hairline on my forehead, with a small red spot. It was shortly after this that I called it a day. We were there probably a hour and a half, but everybody had fun.

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