Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Journal # 18

After begging, pleading and nagging DK finally brought the weights down from the garage. They are now sitting on the back porch. I've used them twice, Friday and today. My legs feel like Jello and it's actually a little hard to type, even though today was a leg day. I feel the burn, I can say that. Friday I did only one set with 50 lbs, but I was a little scared I was going to hurt myself since DK was sleeping and I didn't really have a spotter. Yes I know that wasn't smart. Today I only used 40 lbs, and did 4 rounds of different exercises each 3 sets and 10 reps. I'll have the whole workout on my review post. I'm just glad I can start shaking things up a bit more.
Although working out on the porch kinda sucks since the mosquitoes are bad this year and tend to start flocking once I break a sweat.

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