Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quick Update

For those of you chomping at the bit to see what happens to Piper and her crew, here's a quick update. I have the rest of chapter 7 and some of chapter 8 handwritten in my handi dandi notebook, I just need to find time to actually type it out. Also I have to be in the right frame of mind, because the handwritten portion is kind of like notes and I tend to embellish it as I'm typing. Think handwritten= first draft and typed = second draft. Writing it out by hand is like an outline for what I want to do, when I type it I fill it out more, then usually I flesh it out slightly more before it goes to smashwords. Which is why the smashwords version is sometimes slightly different than the blog and I put unedited version at the bottom of every post.
I have the rest of this book as well as book 3.5 and book 4 percolating around in my brain. It's a pretty crowded place in there. I'll give you a heads up, like Piper, book 4 Cleo leans more toward New Adult than YA. Yet Book 3.5 as yet un-named will venture back to the YA frame work. Hey maybe I'll let you all pick the name, put your suggestions in the comments.
So now you know that I am working on the series, I have plans for the series and I have something fun planned for next month. Now for those of you who miss the Walking Dead as much as I do... this is hilarious.

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