Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trip to ADK Museum

DK has been stuck home with the kids for almost a month now and he wanted to do something this weekend. We batted around several ideas and had been talking about going to the zoo, Enchanted FOrest or The Blue Mountain Lake Museum. I said I should take my last vacation day and we go during the week when it's not so busy, but does anybody listen to me? Noooo. So we went today on a Saturday, it started as a trip to the Syracuse Zoo. Then we got on interstate 81, car whizzing by people driving stupid. DK goes it's only going to be worst in the city. So crazy drivers, not quite knowing where we were going, lots of exits and lanes, DK not liking to drive in lots of traffic. He goes why don't we go to Enchanted Forest instead. So we take an exit, drive in the totally other direction to go to Enchanted Forest, completely unprepared for this change of events. An hour and a half later we get to Enchanted Forest it is packed. Lines out the door, and around the corner into the overflow parking. That's not going to happen. So we decided last ditch effort the ADK Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. Another half hour driver gets us there and they are having a craft fair on the grounds. Vendors in the buildings and all over the grounds. It's more packed than we've ever seen it. So we find parking and head in.
Thankfully most people were checking out the vendors and the exhibits weren't crowded.

C ran around like a crazy person, and J just wanted to checkout the crafters. After about two hours of chasing C, dodging old people and listening to I'm hungry. We bailed, only getting to see half the museum, and buying some overpriced chocolates from a vendor along with some saltwater taffy and a couple toys both also overpriced in the gift shop. While not a bad day I wish we had gone during the week like I had wanted or at least had been better prepared so we could have gone on a short hike or something.

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