Monday, August 31, 2015

{Book Review} Mad World, (Broken World #3) by Kate L. Mary

Mad World, (Broken World #3)
by Kate L. Mary
Publisher: self
Release: January 3rd 2015
Genre: Fiction-New Adult: Horror, zombies, apocalypse
How I got it: Received a copy from the author

***Warning: Contains spoilers for Broken World and Shattered World.

Mad World is the third book in the Broken World series, which follows a group of survivors after a super-virus has destroyed the world and the dead have come back to claim it as their own…

Vivian didn’t think things could get any worse than losing Emily, and getting to the shelter should have been their salvation. But once again their hopes were shattered when they discovered things weren’t safe as promised, forcing them to head into Vegas in search of supplies.


But now she and Hadley find themselves in a situation more threatening than even the dead walking the Earth. Kidnapped by armed men and taken deep into Vegas, they’re cut-off from anyone who cares about them and thrust into a world so sick and twisted it can only be described as madness. Knowing that Axl has no idea where they are and little hope of finding them, Vivian and Hadley must team up with one of the very men who abducted them if they have any hope of escaping their new nightmare.


Watching Vivian get thrown into the back of a van almost tears him apart, but he’s determined to find her no matter what it takes. With the growing tension between him and Angus, Axl finds himself wondering if the price will be his relationship with his brother. Putting both old and new wounds aside, Axl and Angus must infiltrate the group holding Vivian and Hadley, and make their escape through a zombie-ridden Vegas.

But the men in charge of Vegas aren’t the type to easily forget, and the group soon discovers that getting the girls out alive very well could mean the end for them all…

Review:  I did and didn't enjoyed this segment of the Broken World series. Vivian and Hadley are kidnapped, and held by some rather nasty men in Vegas. The story sucked me in and kept me reading wanting to know what would happen to the girls. In this book we also get a look at what's going on from Axl's point of view, which opens a whole new way of looking at things.
Axl's and Vivian's relationship grows quite a bit in this book, as Axl realizes how much Viv really means to him. I did find what they do at the end kind of stupid, while I get why they do it, it was stupid.
Over all another hit for Ms Mary.

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