Saturday, August 15, 2015

Journal #25

This week was a bust. I only worked out once this week, and no weight training. I ate ice cream for dinner tonight. Yes I'm ashamed of myself. So no weekly review, since there's really nothing to review. I could tell you that I wasn't feeling well and my arm was bothering me. While true that just feels like excuses. I've decided to take a step back reevaluate and set up a fitness plan beginning Monday.
I'd like to start working out in the mornings, I've actually created a new morning workout just have to implement it. I'd also like to start doing three days of weight training. I was doing a upper body day, lower body day and total body day, instead I think I'm going to do three total body days. The rest will be Fitnessblender and Cardio. But I have to come up with some total body workouts.
I think I really needed this week of rest, I might have been overtraining. This would explain my tiredness, sore arms, and irritability. So I'll hit it rested and refreshed starting Monday.

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