Friday, September 11, 2015

{Review} Teva Niyama Flat MaryJane

Every summer I end up buying a cheap pair of slip on shoes to wear, because I beat the hell out of them. I can't wear open toed shoes at work, so I have to have something light to wear on my feet. This past Spring I found these on Amazon.
 The looked light, airy, and sturdy. I also liked the color and the price wasn't to bad either. They were labeled as a walking shoe, which I assumed meant they were sturdy enough to go for walks in.
Upon getting them I had some reservations, the really needed to be broke in. The first dozen times I wore them they rubbed the back of my ankle raw. The grey was a mistake as it shows everything and stained quite easily. The mesh being a pain in the butt to clean.
Now that I have them broke in they are my go to shoes. The footbed is cushy and comfortable, with shock absorbers. As I thought the mesh allows the shoes to breath. The anti-oder thing was bull though if it gets hot and your feet sweat these things stink too.

The soles of the shoes are grippy and keep you from slipping when it's wet out. They also don't have a lot of deep grooves for stones to get stuck in. That might not bother you but it bugs the heck out of me. 
Over all these were a great buy, they've manages to last the summer with only a few stains to show wear and tear. While awesome everyday shoes, I don't use them for walks sticking to my sneakers or sandals for that. 

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