Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{Tip} Freezing Smoothies

I love smoothies, yet hate running the blender. It's loud and hard to clean. You have to take it all a part, then make sure all the pieces go back together. Not to mention I can't run it first thing in the morning or I'd wake everybody up. So it's ideal for me to make up a batch on the weekends to drink for breakfast during the week. Sadly most green and fruit smoothies will not last that long. I've found over night in the fridge will cause the green ones to separate and over 48hr in the fridge gives them a gnarly taste.
After doing some research I decided to give freezing them a try. I picked up these 8oz Ball® Brand Plastic Freezer Jars at Wally World for a couple bucks. I found them recommended on another blog and they were the perfect size for what I wanted them for.
There is a fill line, which means you know how much to put in so that it can expand when frozen and won't destroy the cup. For breakfast smoothies I was taking them out the night before and leaving them in the fridge to thaw. Only problem was they weren't totally thawed by morning. So I decided to start using them as ice packs, and by the time lunch rolls around it's thawed.

This has been a great way to make a batch of smoothies ahead of time and a yummy addition to my lunch.

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