Saturday, October 10, 2015

Journal #30

I am seriously bummed. First the yeast infection, then my period, then some sort of stomach thing and now a head cold. A bad head cold. Stuffy nose, messed up sinuses, really dry scratchy swollen throat, swollen jaw, headache, and a slight fever. It started Tuesday. I actually worked out Monday, but haven't been up to it the rest of the week. I forced myself Friday to do a bodyweight workout.
But the big reason I'm bummed, is I finally got my treadmill and I can't run on it. I need to rest because everytime I do something fun I relapse. We went out Friday afternoon and shot the twelve gage at some apples. I felt fine ok well not on death's door, then after we came back in I felt like crud. It was so much fun blasting at the apples, but after not so much. I just forced my body to do too much... grocery shopping, shooting, workout. Not smart. So today I just lounged around and did nothing.
I really want to use the treadmill though. I've wanted one for so long and now that I do it's such a tease that I'm too sick to use it. Seriously if I tried I'd probably die because I couldn't breath.

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