Sunday, October 25, 2015

Journal #33 Bye Bye Blender

I'm totally bummed, I went to make a batch of smoothies and my blender decided to give up the ghost. Everything started out fine, then I got everything in the blender and it started to smell a little funny. Well I hadn't used it in a bit and maybe dust had gotten in the motor. So I kept at it, and it started to go urrr, then a slower urrr. The smell started to go from dust to down right gears burning. Then it just stopped, no matter what I did it just made a weird noise and refused to go. Plus side I did get all my fruit and veggie goodness blended, down side I had to mix the protein powder by hand.
Now I no longer have a blender. Saddly I keep forgetting this little tidbit when I go to make things and have to find creative ways around it. Luckily the internet has all sorts of ways to do things and let's be honest people where cooking long before we had all these fun little gadgets that make our lives easier. Basically where there's a will there's a way. Anyway now I have an excuse to ask for a Magic Bullet for Christmas.

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