Saturday, November 21, 2015

Not all Protein Bars are equal

Recently I haven't been able to find my usual protein bars from Fiber One (Protein: Coconut Almond) which I like because it's made with ingredients that I recognize and I get a chocolate fix. Now if the world was a perfect place I would just make my own, but there is only so many hours in a weekend. Someday I will make some I have recipes bookmarked and Pinned, but not sure when. Back to the task at hand.
Since I couldn't get the ones I really wanted I grabbed one the was slightly more expensive, but looked good, without looking at the box. These were Life Choice High Protein Bars in Chocolate Mint and are gross. The mint is overpowering and they sit like a brick in your stomach. I looked at the ingredients and saw stuff like Ferrous Fumarate, Niacinamide, and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride. Seriously I can't pronounce half the things on this package. One bar has 170 calories and 18 grams of protein. Basically I ended up paying more for a box of bars that were too nasty to eat.
So next week I stopped and actually looked, they still didn't have the bars I liked but Nature Valley had a Protein Chewy Bar in the same flavor, Coconut Almond. These were good, very nutty. They stopped my snack craving, and didn't sit like a brick in my tummy. Also they have mostly ingredients that I can recognize like Peanuts, Almonds, and Toasted Coconut. Unfortunately it also has stuff like Vegetable Glycerin and Rice Maltodextrin which I have no idea what it is... or didn't until I looked it up and it's not as bad as I thought, not great either though. One bar has 190 calories, and 10 grams of protein.
This week I go up and still no Fiber One, so I'm looking and notice that Wal-Mart's Great Value Protein bars are a buck less and have basically the same ingredients, calories and protein as Nature Valley, down side not my flavor. So I grabbed one with Peanut, Almonds and Dark Chocolate haven't tried it yet but will let you know on the flavor when I do.
But this just goes to show that expensive isn't always better and you really have to look at the labels. Although I still think homemade is going to be best.

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