Monday, December 28, 2015

Getting back on the wagon.

I decided to give myself permission to let go of the wagon, I'd been halfheartedly hanging on for a while now. Random workouts, eating crap, you know. So last week I just said screw it. One week no counting calories, no fussing over exercising, no worrying about any of that stuff. This was my Christmas gift to myself.
Or at least this is what I'm telling myself it's probably more like...

Since DK got me a box full of fitness stuff for Christmas I feel a little more motivated to get back on the wagon. I think taking a week to not care helped as well.
So starting today I'm going to try to eat healthier (cleaner) and stick to a workout regiment (yet to be figured out). Sure I've set myself back by not lifting and sticking to my diet but hey, sometime you fall as long as you get back up dust yourself off and keep going it's ok... right? Besides at this point I have enough fitness equipment to start my own gym. LOL!

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