Sunday, December 6, 2015

Journal #38

This was a bad week for me eating and exercise wise. I have to admit I'm a bit disgusted with myself. I only worked out once and that was running Weds. I've been craving and eating junk, my calorie intake has been under and over my goal. Somehow I managed to lose a pound, while I was at it, probably of muscle. During Black Friday/ Cyber weekend, I bought a Jawbone Move and I'm hoping it will help motivate me whenever it finally gets here. (More on that when it gets here.)
I'm thinking of trying a few different things to get me working out again, and some are actually regressing lifting wise. Since getting the weights out is just too much for me right now I'm going to go back to using FitnessBlender and other sites to workout. Maybe I'll start posting about how they work.
I realize I need to bag the routine, and just make working out fun again.

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