Wednesday, December 2, 2015

{Review} Happy-Go-Yoga: Simple Poses to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Add Joy by Christine Chen

Happy-Go-Yoga: Simple Poses to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Add Joy
by Christine Chen
Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
Released: March 10th 2015
How I got it: Received a copy from NetGalley

Playful, simple, and beneficial yoga poses and mental exercises to help alleviate pain and stress-for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Yoga isn't about becoming a human pretzel, being vegan, or wearing trendy workout clothes to a green juice bar. It's a way of creating healthy habits to live a life of less suffering and more peace and happiness. But we can't always get to a yoga class. Based on her own healing journey, instructor Christine Chen presents a fun, easy way to make yoga a part of our everyday lives to transform discomfort and chaos-at home, in the office, during a commute, in our relationships-into bits of happiness, health, and focus, no matter your fitness level, yoga experience, age or gender. HAPPY-GO-YOGA is for all times, for all of us. Try it. Feel better. Get happy.

I really enjoy yoga, and I really enjoyed this book. It's a fun, easy, and basic approach to using yoga. Now yes I said, basic but I think that Ms Chen's approach can be used by anyone Beginner or Advance. Here's why, she breaks the book down showing you poses that help during different occasions. Let's say you travel a lot for work, she offers ways to use yoga to stretch or distress while flying or during your commute. Since I sit pretty much all day I found the office yoga extremely helpful. I have used a few of the neck stretches to ease pain in my shoulders and, well, neck. I've also used a few from the travel section, while at work though, to ease pain in my arms.
I loved the section Not So Ho-Hum while I've never been big on mantras this seem to help. My favorite chapter though was Sunny Side up, let's face it we all have days where you don't want to crawl out of bed and these are designed to help you wake up and face the day a little better.
I found Ms Chen's writing style upbeat and fun. She explained the poses and why they were beneficial. The pictures showed how to do the poses well and are cute.
I think this is a great little book for anyone interested in yoga.

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