Sunday, January 10, 2016

Exercise Review ~Reboot~ #1

It's the end of the first full week of the New Year and here is how I did exercise wise. I'm going to revamp
this a little from the original, by adding dates and using Sunday as my Start/End day.

1/3 Sunday:
41 mins Walk/Running Treadmill 4.10 mi in 41 mins
17 mins Yoga For Runners 2 - Cool Down Sequence Yoga With Adriene

1/4 Monday:
We went grocery shopping after work so while I didn't get to actually workout I did add steps to my day.

1/5 Tuesday:
30 mins of Fitnessblender videos-

1/6 Weds:

1/7 Thursday:

1/8 Friday:
15 mins DareBee-

1/9 Saturday:
30 min Run/Walk on Treadmill 2.79 mi in 30 mins (Not my best time)
17 mins Yoga For Runners 2 - Cool Down Sequence Yoga With Adriene

Ok so not great, but 4 out of 7 days isn't bad. I'd like to bring my run time down from a 10 min mile though. I'm going to try to add at least one day of weight lifting to the lineup as well, as a few more running days.

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