Thursday, January 7, 2016


I've been using since September. It's a great resource, for information and recording your workouts. They have a huge exercise database that tells you how to do the exercise with videos and explains what muscle groups are worked. When logging your workouts, the site keeps track of how much you're lifting, and your progress. It shows you graphs of how your lifts range. There is a section where you can keep track of your weight and measurements. You can also add progress photos, if you want. There is also a place to post and share fitness motivation. All this stuff is great and very helpful to keep you motivated and working out. The site is a great tool to help with weight lifting.
Downsides are it's not a great way to keep track of food, all it offers is a spot to upload pictures of your meals. I didn't find a way to count calories. If you are a woman expect to get hit on, or at least have guys try to friend you that only friend women. If you post in the forum, be prepared to deal with folks who are hard core into body building. If you are like me someone who enjoys a lot of different exercise, then be careful what you post. The other posters can be a bit prickly. Also if you're a woman, stick to the Female section otherwise you'll be inundated with the Bros.  I posted once outside this section, while it was in the equipment section and I didn't run into anyone being a douche, I was warned to stick to the Female section for questions like I asked.
The ladies section has it's own issues, like I said about if you're not super into weight lifting folks don't tend to take you seriously. I was looking for help gaining weight, and got the reply that if weight lifting wasn't my passion I should find it elsewhere. Which I have to admit offended me quite a bit. But let's face facts, the site can't control it's users and you have to deal with buttheads pretty much everywhere.
I also downloaded the app they offer, and didn't like it at all. I found it confusing and hard to use. After trying to use it, I uninstalled it and went back to using the site. I did not use the store aspect of the site, they offer all sorts of supplements, etc. I did read the reviews offered by other members and found them useful.
So the site is great, and offers a lot for people who wish to use weightlifting to get into shape. Just be forewarned that not all the members are that great and take what they post with a grain of salt.

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