Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Wrap Up - Valentine's Edition

So this week wasn't to bad I actually got through without wanting to stab anyone with my nippers so yay! Happy Dance....

And then yesterday, Dum Dum Dummmm....
Wasn't work. We're supposed to be hit by this Winter Snowstorm, so DK, the kids, and I run out to get groceries and do the running around. I hate doing this after work, 10 hours of sewing and then trying to think of food I want for the next week. I didn't even have anything planned out. This is me shopping when I don't have a plan.

And then the FIL calls, his truck broke down and he had it towed to the garage. Now he needs a ride home and we're in the middle of the grocery store. Ok hurry up get groceries, go pick him up. Then he's going to need a ride to work in the morning ok, he'll have to be late though because I have to also work. So we sort that out. Now it's this morning and I go to wake DK up...

Fine! I didn't want the stupid overtime anyway... jeez. I take the keys up and let the FIL barrow our van. Which is a good thing because it's snowing like crazy and the kids are home due to the school closing.

Ok now that the craziness is out of my system onto the fun stuff, and because it's almost Valentine's Day...

And not just one workout vid this week but a whole playlist of Love Your Body series from Tone it Up! Although I don't think it has all the videos in the series just 6 of them so you'll have to look and find the rest. 

This week's I want this whole outfit from Old Navy


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  1. That's a cute workout outfit! I love the compliments quote too - that is right on target! We're supposed to get a snow storm early next week but I hope it dissipates before it gets here. I hate winter!

    1. I thought so too. I hate winter sometimes too. Sometimes it can be really pretty though. :)


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