Thursday, February 18, 2016

J's Yoga Flow

J wants to get into doing yoga with me, but she has terrible balance. After watching several beginner yoga videos, I decided to create a basic flow for her using only a few introductory poses to get her started. I figured I'd share it on here as well, just for fun. But please remember that I am not a yogi, or yoga teacher, or fitness expert. You should always consult your doctor or appropriate healthcare professional on any matter relating to your health and well-being before taking any action of any kind.

Each pose is held for a few breaths then flows into the next.
Mountain Pose
Forward Fold
Downward Dog
Cat/ Cow
Downward Dog
Lunge - Right leg
Warrior- Right leg
Lunge- Right leg
Downward Dog
Lunge - Left Leg
Warrior- Left Leg
Downward Dog
Child Pose

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