Saturday, February 13, 2016

Journal #43 - Virtual Races

I am super happy right now! I got Zombies Run! Pro for Valentine's Day! 

Even better Zombies Run! has released their 2015 virtual race (for a limited time) so that it can be run as a 5k or 10k for free. Refer to picture above for my reaction. I can't wait to run it and see what it was like. I've been on the fence about entering the 2016 one that takes place the end of March. I really like the shirt and finisher medal, but $55.00 plus shipping from the UK is a bit steep. On the other hand I really kinda want it. Sigh. I guess I'll give 2015 a try and make my decision after that.

I also decide to do the Love to Run 2.14 mile virtual run from Gone For a Run. While I didn't manage to get the swag, I'm still going to run the 2.14 miles. The site actually encourages folks who miss the registration to still run and post about it.

Medal from Love 2 Run Race
Currently you can sign up for the Kiss Me I'm A Runner virtual race, but I'm not real crazy about the medal or swag for that one. I'm waiting to see what their spring one is going to look like and maybe I'll sign up for that one. I've also been considering the ones from US Road Running. Of course I'm going to have to start selling some jewelry at the craft fairs or something to fund my new addiction.

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