Saturday, February 20, 2016

Journal # 44

This week has been blarg... I have felt sick, tired, and generally miserable all week. I'm actually getting a bit concerned, as I feel like crud a lot and it seems to happen more when I'm at work than at home. I'm beginning to wonder if something there isn't making me ill. Our part of the factory actually sits over a place that works with and paints steel. A few weeks ago I actually became sick from the smell, that was coming up from down there. A couple girls I work with were really bad off because of it. But I hope whatever's going on will pass quickly, as I'm really sick and tired of feeling like crap.
Top this feeling of blah with work stress. Honestly they shouldn't let me around sharp things when I'm at work. I'm just really fed up with co-worker/ supervisors crap.
I didn't even get to do a friday wrap up this week as I was to freakin busy. I got up friday made breakfast, then ran out got groceries, then went to DK's grandma's and shoveled her driveway while the kids went sledding after which I had to go sledding with the kids. Let's just say it was a long day. I was bummed too because I wanted to get pictures of the trees with the snow and ice on them... it was so pretty, but didn't get a chance to. Then today the temp went up and everything is melting, not pretty just a sloppy mess. So poop!!

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