Friday, March 25, 2016

Runfession for March

Ok this week because it's the last Friday of the month I want to try something different. I stumbled over Runfessions this morning on Marcia's A Healthy Slice and want to give it a shot.

Ok here's the big one I'm jealous of all the folks who get to run actual races. I live vicariously through other running blogs because I can't afford entry fees. I want to do it, but seeing that $20-$30 dollar price I think that's a meal, the phone bill, car repair, new shoes for J or C. I have a very hard time spending that much on myself. Virtual races are cheaper, but I feel like I'm just buying the medal. And then I think do I really need a medal, I can run 5k, 10k or how ever long I want. Of course another part of me is all I want the swag.

I don't like running outside, yet I do. Last year when spring hit I'd get up early on the weekends and run down the road. Other than the judgmental deer I rarely saw anyone, then one morning this truck went by with a couple skeevy looking guys in it. They pulled off the road about 100 yard ahead of me and sat in the truck. I got this bad feeling, turned around and booked it home. Thankfully they didn't follow, but it kind of soured me on the whole morning run thing, which I had been digging until that encounter. We have a pretty big yard so I tried doing laps around it, wasn't the same. I do find doing sprints up and down our hill challenging though. On the other hand there are some trails out by my MIL's that I love running and usually I can drag DK with me.

I have been slacking. Lately I have been slacking in my exercise, diet, life. I have a laundry list of excuses I have a cold, stress, tired, it's too late when I get home from work, I worked 10 hours, etc. I know the only person I'm hurting is myself yet I'm seriously lacking motivation to get my butt in gear. I need a goal. Something to work toward...


  1. While a race can be a bit pricey... it is a great goal to look forward to. If you shell out the money it might keep you motivated. No park near by you could run in ? I would have turned around and gone home too if there were 2 weirdoes in a truck who pulled off. Safety first !

    1. Karen, that's a very good point. No I live in a very rural area, another reason the weirdos in the truck freaked me out.

  2. That is so scary. I would have turned around too. It is sad we have to worry about stuff like that!

    Racing has gotten really pricey. I don't race a lot for various reasons, and I rarely race for "fun". I mean, if I want to run a 5k for fun, I can do it for free in my hood. Why pay $30 to run it in a race???

    1. Meg, it is sad that we have to worry about that sort of thing, but we do. And that's exactly my point about the races.


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