Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Cup of...#8

Sunday Cup of... is a mash up of 
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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?  Hosted by Book Date
Mailbox Monday Located at Mailbox Monday
Weekly Workout Recap Hosted by Run Megan Run
Basically it's a weekly post where I talk about books, weekly workouts, bloggy things, and possibly not so bloggy things. It'll be a weekly wrap up / news bulletin type deal. Sound good? If you want to link to your own week feel free to use the button and post in the comments. 

So this is my first official post since the renovations. I was looking through my old posts and thought it was sort of funny that it's been almost exactly a year since I've done a Sunday Cup of... post. But it's like riding a bike right, you never forget. Although you might be a bit wobbly at first it comes right back, right? I'm hoping this merger will make it easier for me to get back into reviewing books. I love doing it and talking about them, but I really needed the break. Sometime you just get overwhelmed

The Fit Reader section is going to combine my weekly exercise workout and the Fit Reader post.
This is not a good week to start out on but it keeps me honest. I did sucktacular this week only working out two days. 
2/28/16 Sunday: 30 mins Run/Walking on Treadmill (4344 steps)
2/29/16 Monday: Rest (1830 steps)
3/1/16 Tuesday: Kettlebell workout (1647 steps)
3/2/16 Weds: Slacked (2211 steps)
3/3/16 Thursday: C B-day (3099 steps)
3/4/16 Friday: Grocery Shopping (3255 steps)
3/5/16 Sat: Had a migraine all day (667 steps)

The biggest bloggy news is the renovation and merger. Let me know what you think in the comments and here's what's been posted this week.
2/28/16: {Book Review} Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown
2/29/16: Motivation Monday #42
3/2/16: {Recipe} Breakfast Quesadilla

In my mailbox...
Plague Nation (Ashley Parker, #2) by Dana Fredsti
Plague World(Ashley Parker, #3) By Dana Fredsti

The Devil's Serenade by Catherine Cavendish

What I'm Reading...
Plague Nation (Ashley Parker, #2) by Dana Fredsti
By Your Side by Phil Giunta (listening to)

Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux (listened to Librivox version)

So that's it for this week, hope you'll stop by next Sunday. If you like this idea, go ahead and make your own Sunday Cup of... post no link back needed. I know some folks commented on the button, you're welcome to use it if you want. Have a great week!


  1. I'm going to have to checkout that kettleball workout - thanks for providing the link. I suffer from migraines myself, so I can totally relate to having bad days...hope yours went away. Hope you have a good week coming up!!!

    1. Hope you like it, it was pretty fast but not as intense as I thought it would be. Thanks, yes I ended up going to bed early and feel much better today. Have a great week yourself, thanks for stopping by.

  2. I hope the break did you good! I hope it's good to be back as well :). Sometimes you just need a break from things.

    I am sorry to hear you had a migraine, they are the worst. I hope you'll have a great week!

    1. Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Yeah, I hate getting migraines. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Terrific week for you.

    Glad you had a good break.

    ENJOY this upcoming week. It will be Monday before we know it. These weeks just fly by.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

    1. Thanks! Seems like the weekends fly by even quicker, lol. Thanks for stopping by.


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