Thursday, April 14, 2016

{Book Review} Tales of the Possessed: Extraordinary true life experiences by C. Torrington

Tales of the Possessed: Extraordinary true life experiences
by C. Torrington
Publisher: Arcturus
Release: January 15th 2016
Genre: Non-Fiction- Paranormal
How I got it: NetGalley

The idea of people possessed by evil spirits against their will is as old as the hills. Often there is thought to be a special way a person has become possessed. It might be the result of a curse cast on them by a sorcerer, or some unfortunate mishap such as stepping over a dead body. Or the demons can have been invited, in a Satanic ritual. More often, at least in recent Christian tradition, there is no initiating moment that can be identified - they just find their way in, like disease. From Pearl Curran, a housewife living in St Louis, Missouri, who soared to fame in the second decade of the 20th century as the amanuensis of 'Patience Worth', a writer who had died in the 17th century, to victims of Dissociative Personality Disorder (thought to have inspired Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde), this book examines demonic possession from every angle.

I found this book to be a fascinating read. It looks at possession in a multitude of ways. Torrington circles the aspect of possession taking in all views of this highly controversial paranormal situation. The first chapter of the book talks about the various versions of possession, religious, illness, fakery, and the paranormal.  I enjoyed the cases to interesting and well researched. I thought the wide variety varying in time period and popularity was a good way to show the reader how times have changed in dealing with possession.
My only real complaint with this book is how short it was. I feel it was well done, but would have liked more information.

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