Friday, May 27, 2016

Runfessions For May

I'm not sure if this post totally counts as a Runfession but because it's the last Friday of the month I'll be linking up with Marcia's A Healthy Slice

I'm frustrated. Lately I've had to curb my schedule to fit around my FIL's, so that I don't disturb him at night with the sound of the treadmill. Working 10 hr days makes it hard to make time to run, I prefer to run/ workout at night as it helps me sleep. I'm having a hard time doing that as by the time I get done helping kids with homework, eat dinner, and let my stomach settle it's usually after 7pm. Which means I haven't been sleeping well and getting up early is right out of the question as I would be disturbing the whole house. I guess I'm going to have to rethink my schedule with yoga and strength training during the week and doing running on weekends. 

I was recently accepted as an ambassador for Fit Mom Strong Mom and one of the questions for the profile page is, Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a mom or when you were a mom-to-be:
This got me thinking, what accomplishment have I even made in my life?
In the grand scheme of things I've got nothing. But in my own head here are my proudest accomplishments...

  1. Marrying DK and becoming a mom to two wonderful kids. I had a rough childhood, and I never thought I would want to get married or bring kids into the world. Especially after seeing what I had of it. Yet I don't think anything will ever top how happy I was on my wedding day and when I bought those two little people into the world. Being there for my kids and creating a healthy, happy life for them means the world to me.
  2. Traveled cross country in a big rig with my aunt and uncle when I was 17. We made this huge loop around the US hitting almost every state. I have yet to see California, Louisiana, Florida, New England, and of course Hawaii and Alaska. My Uncle dubbed the first three to dangerous to haul in since he was shot at in Ca and FL. He just refused to take loads to Louisiana. We just never made it to New England, before the Summer was over and I had to go back to school. Of course Hawaii and Alaska were out of the question in a tractor trailer. 
    His did not turn into Optimus Prime sadly.
  3. I work at the same publisher as Piers Anthony. Ok as a teen I loved the Xanth books and always said one of my goals in life as a writer was to be published at the same house as Piers Anthony. This did happen although not in the way I expected. I started my writing career writing (blush) smut...erotica. A few of my works were published by a small extremely racey publisher, who was looking for short stories for an anthology. I submitted and wound up not only at the same publisher as Piers Anthony but in the same anthology. 
  4. Running in a Race for Cancer. Two years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer it was treatable and she is now cancer free, but it runs in the family. Both my aunt and grandmother also had breast cancer. I had an uncle die from spider cancer of the brain. A cousin diagnosed with testicular cancer. The list goes on, but cancer is prominent in our family. So running this ACS 5k was a big deal for me. At the time I wasn't in the shape I'm in now and I walked a good deal of it, but I finished. This was also when I discovered my love of running.
  5. Volunteering. As a teen I volunteered a lot, mostly it got me out of the house and looked good on a college resume, but I actually enjoyed it. I volunteered several saturdays to the SPAC cleaning cages. I spent a lot of time working at the local library, both as a teen and adult. Sadly I don't get to do this as much as I used to. Working fulltime and having a family don't allow me the time. Maybe it sounds horrible but I'd rather spend the time with my kids. I figure I'll have time to do other stuff when they're older and doing their own things.
    Oh you knew this pic was coming!

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  1. My treadmill is right under my 18 year old's room and I know how annoyed he gets when I run on it. Fortunately for both of us, that is really a rare event as I pretty much run outside year round.

    1. If I lived closer to the village I would, but we're fairly rural and I had a scare one morning which has turned me off road running. I think I'm going to try and get DK to mow a path between our house and his grandmothers so I can do laps around the half acre between the houses.

  2. You have lots of accomplishments to be proud of. Congrats on the ambassadorship. Thanks for linking!


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