Friday, July 29, 2016

#Fitreader & Runfessions

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And since it's the last friday of the month (can you believe July is over already?) I'm linking up with Marcia's A Healthy Slice, for Runfessions.

So I only have one runfession to share this week and it's sort of embarrassing but here goes I have found myself doing air guitar while running on the treadmill to a really good song on my playlist, sometimes even air drums. I'm sure this is weird and if I did it while running outside it would draw some strange looks, but I tend to not listen to music when running outside so no bizarre jerking motions to distract drivers.
I also talk to the characters on my Zombies Run App and will throw my hands in the air or punch the sky when I do something I consider good. Yeah I probably look pretty crazy.

How my week went:
7/22/16: Fitnessblender Strength Training for 48m:08s
7/23/16: Ran 2.27 mi on a treadmill in 22m:27s (day 2 Interval Training)
7/24/16: Ran 4.24 mi on treadmill in 42m:14s (counting as my second #fitreader 5k)
7/25/16: Yoga for 13m:15s.
7/26/16: Ran 2.12 mi on treadmill for 20m:58s (day 3 Interval Training)
7/27/16: Rest
7/28/16: Rest

How Training is going:
7/19/16: Interval Training - 2.14 mi 21:49 mins 10:16 min pace
7/23/16: Interval Training - 2.27 mi 22:27 mins   9:58 min pace
7/26/16: Interval Training - 2.12 mi 21:11 mins 10:04  min pace


  1. I don't do air guitar but I do sing along to certain songs when I'm running. Which is kind of funny since I have my earbuds in and the only person who can hear the music is me! Yikes!

    1. I wear ear buds too, which probably makes it even weirder.

  2. THere's a lady I often see on my long runs who sort of dance runs and does all kinds of arm gyrations. You should take a video of that air guitar and upload it to the RocknRoll website under their Make a Band virtual race. You could win! Thanks for linking!

  3. Hey! I do full on performances on the woods, no judgment here!

  4. aint no shame!
    I don't air guitar often, but when I do, I make sure its to an 80's hairband song.....

  5. I always listen to music while I run. I have no shame in singing along or "performing". LOL. Anything that is distracting and can help get us through tough runs--I'm all for it! Thanks for linking, Shandy Jo!


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