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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

{Audiobook Release} Mudman by James A Hunter

The Golem Chronicles: Book 1
James A. Hunter
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy 
Publisher: Shadow Alley Press
Audiobook Date of Publication: August 10, 2016
Cover Artist: Lou Harper

Book Description:

Levi Adams is a soft spoken, middle-aged Mennonite man—at least he tries to be when he’s not murdering people.

Levi’s a golem, a Mudman, crafted from the muck, mire, and corpses of a World War II concentration camp—killing is just a part of his DNA. He doesn’t like it, but unfortunately he’s been saddled with a divine commission to dole out judgment on those who shed innocent blood. After seventy years as a cold-blooded murder machine, however, Levi’s trying to change his grisly nature. And the AA meetings and church services are helping. A little. But when he runs across a wounded girl, Sally Ryder, during one of his “hunting expeditions,” he realizes self-help may have to go on the back burner.

Someone is attempting to revive a pre-Babylonian murder god, and the road to rebirth is paved with dead bodies. Lots and lots of them.

Now, Levi must protect Ryder—the key to an unspeakable resurrection—and defeat a Nazi mage from Levi’s murky past. But the shadowy mage holds a terrible secret about the Mudman’s unorthodox birth, one offering insight into Levi’s morbid compulsion for bloodshed. It’s a secret Levi would pay anything to uncover: maybe even Ryder’s life. If Levi isn’t careful, he may end up turning into the monster he always imagined himself to be.

June, 1943
He blinked his eyes open for the first time: a newborn stealing his first look at the world, which, in a way, is exactly what he was. Except no squealing, rosy-cheeked infant had ever been so big, so ugly, or so filled with blood-boiling rage. Never had a child been so appalling. He squinted at first, letting in only the merest trickle of light because even the wan illumination from the moon, which loitered over the world like a fat thumbnail, was harsh to his virgin eyes.
Smells came next: the scent of musky earth, the harsh tang of powdery slaked lime—used to mask the reek of decay—and buried beneath that, the sour stink of rotten flesh and burnt hair.
The sky spit down a misty drizzle, fine droplets of cool water that turned his gray skin slick. After a few moments more his eyes adjusted fully, allowing him, at last, to survey his surroundings. Mud and muck, deep brown and goopy, lined everything. It squished beneath his shoulder blades, clung to his arms and legs, and liberally coated the corpses crudely piled to his right. Despite the mud, the bodies appeared almost white, like angry specters waiting for him, welcoming him to this new hell with silent screams and vacant eyes.
How he knew anything was beyond him, since this was the first day of his life, the day—or rather night—of his unnatural birth. Surely, no baby pushed and fought its way into the world with dark and grisly thoughts of murder and death lingering in its mind, with knowledge of mass graves, heinous experimentation, and hasty executions. But he knew such things. Fragments of memories floated and swirled inside his skull, dancing a slow funeral dirge, parading incoherent snatches of imagery through his head.
The Wehrmacht march through the streets in their black spit-shined boots and high-collared, gray wool uniforms. Smart and dashing, those uniforms, dressing up the face of murder in civility and pageantry …
The Luftwaffe soars overhead. The buzz of the single-prop Focke-Wulf and the thunderous roar of the colossal Messerschmitt transport planes fill the air with their racket …
He clutches a small boy to his chest, his body trembling as he hides, holding his breath for fear of being heard. Terror and panic wriggle in his guts as the black-garbed Schutzstaffel—the SS—make their way from door to door, fists rapping on wood, rifle buttstocks smashing out windows, booted feet kicking their way inside …
Then, train cars, loaded to capacity, roll through his thoughts. Bodies press up against one another so tightly he can’t breathe—except he isn’t a he, but a she. And she is searching for her sister. They’d been separated in all the chaos …
So many images, circling around, each screaming more loudly than the last, each demanding he lend them an ear or an eye or a hand. He clutched at either side of his head. Broad, fleshy palms pressed in as though he could simply pulverize the images and send them back to whatever nightmare they’d come from. But they kept coming, and as they came—faster and faster, like a hail of automatic machine gunfire—his chest began to itch and burn. It felt like someone had taken a cherry-red fire iron and jabbed it into the meat covering his breastbone.
A huge hand flew to the pain, his fingers finding crude markings etched directly into the skin, cut deep into the muscle below. As he touched the mark, the jagged wound, the voices and visions coalesced into a single demand. A demand for retribution. The anger came next, flowing from the brand like gasoline pumping through his veins, scorching his insides and propelling him to action. He lumbered to his feet, the muck squishing around his thick toes, and made for the muddy wall of his earthen womb. In reality, an open grave. He dug his digits in and used his flabby, though powerfully built, arms to pull himself upward and free.
He lay on the edge of the pit for a long beat, charting the lay of the land, eyes scanning the dark, which covered everything like a velvety blanket. In the distance, not so far off, he saw a squat building. Some sort of bunker, outlined by the faint glow of light bulbs. He wasn’t sure what he was. Where he was. Or how he’d gotten there. But, as the brand burned in his chest, he was certain of one thing: someone—or, perhaps, lots of someones—had quite the butcher’s bill to account for, and he was ready to collect.

About the author:
Hey all, my name is James Hunter and I’m a writer, among other things. So just a little about me: I’m a former Marine Corps Sergeant, combat veteran, and pirate hunter (seriously). I’m also a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback—’cause that’s a real thing. I’ve also been a missionary and international aid worker in Bangkok, Thiland. And, a space-ship captain, can’t forget that.

Okay … the last one is only in my imagination.

Currently, I’m a stay at home Dad—taking care of my two kids—while also writing full time, making up absurd stories that I hope people will continue to buy. When I’m not working, writing, or spending time with family, I occasionally eat and sleep.

You can visit me to find out more at

Thursday, August 25, 2016

{Book Review} Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life: Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia's New York by Robert Weldon Whalen

Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life: Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia's New York
by Robert Weldon Whalen
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Release: September 1st 2016
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: True Crime, Mob
How I got it: NetGalley

In 1940 and 1941 a group of ruthless gangsters from Brooklyn's Brownsville neighborhood became the focus of media frenzy when they were put on trial for murder. Dubbed "Murder Inc.," by New York World-Telegram reporter Harry Feeney, it is estimated they collectively killed hundreds of people during a reign of terror that lasted from 1931-1940. As the trial played out to a packed courtroom, shocked spectators gasped at the outrageous revelations made by gang leader Abe "Kid Twist" Reles and his pack of criminal accomplices.
News of the trial proliferated throughout the country - at times it received more newspaper coverage than the unabated war being waged overseas. The heinous crimes attributed to Murder Inc. included not only murder and torture, but also auto theft, burglary, assaults, robberies, fencing stolen goods, distribution of illegal drugs, and just about any "illegal activity from which a revenue could be derived." When the trial finally came to a stunning unsolved conclusion in November 1941, newspapers generated record headlines.
Once the trial was over, tales of the Murder Inc. gang became legendary, spawning countless books and memoirs, and providing inspiration for the Hollywood gangster movie genre. These men were fearsome brutes with an astonishing ability to wield power. People were fascinated by the "gangster" figure, which had become a symbol for moral evil and contempt and whose popularity showed no signs of abating. As both a study in criminal behavior and a cultural fascination that continues to permeate modern society, the reverberations of "Murder, Inc." are profound, including references in contemporary mass media.
The Murder, Inc. story is as much a tale of morality as it is a gangster history, and Murder, Inc. and the Moral Life by Robert Whalen meshes both topics clearly and meticulously, relating the gangster phenomenon to modern moral theory. Each chapter covers an aspect of the Murder Inc. case and reflects on its ethical elements and consequences. Whalen delves into the background of the criminals involved, their motives and the violent death that surrounded them; New York City's immigrant gang culture and its role as "Gangster City;" fiery politicians Fiorello La Guardia and Thomas Dewey and the choices they made to clean up the city; and the role of the gangster in popular culture and how it relates to "real life." Whalen puts a fresh spin on the two topics, providing a vivid narrative with both historical and moral perspective.

I thought this book had interesting parts, but others made my eyes glaze over. The book is well researched and written. The issues I had with the book were it was a bit repetitive, some of the information was repeated over and over. While the information was interesting, I didn't need to be beat over the head with it. I found the book fascination in it's comparative between real life gangsters and media gangsters. The way that the real gangsters and media gangsters played off each other was interesting. The way Mr Whalen walked us through the history and elements of Murder Inc along with it's effects on New York were enthralling. Unfortunately I didn't find the political elements in the book, quite as interesting.
Mr Whalen explains how gangsters became urban heros, yet were anything but what the media built them up to be. He gives us cases that were real, yet completely worthy of Hollywood. The characters in the book are larger than life and some of the most famous mobsters in history. I enjoyed reading about how these characters created and wielded their power as well as their downfall.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

{Cover Reveal} Immortal Billionaire by Jane Godman

Immortal Billionaire
Jane Godman
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne
Date of Publication: November 1, 2016

 Book Description:

 Dark secrets and unquenchable desire collide in this captivating paranormal thriller…

 Connie Lacey lives a nomadic existence. Alone. Safe. She can't risk being found by the stalker who haunts her waking nightmares. Until an invitation from billionaire Sylvester de León—to spend thirty days with him on his private island, Corazón—proves impossibly tempting. But one look at the gorgeous host's deep blue eyes, and Connie knows there is nothing safe about this paradise and the aristocratic man who calls it home.

 The island is cursed…as is Sylvester himself. Yet something in him calls to Connie, ignites a desire that's filled with raw, timeless need. But Corazón has many secrets, each more dangerous than the last. And in a place where everlasting love, the past and fate intersect, even death is only a beginning…

 Available for Pre-Order


 It is easy enough to list in advance, and with absolute certainty, those things for which we are prepared to die. Family, country, religion, the one we love, a valued way of life. Until we are faced with a situation that puts our convictions to the test, we can never know for sure which of these will hold true. There were many lessons to be learned during those strange weeks on the island of Corazón, but, for Connie Lacey, this would prove be the most important.
Four years of running and hiding. Four years of looking over her shoulder. Of viewing every man she met with suspicion. Of waking every morning, wondering if today was the day he would finally catch up with her.
The relief of being offered somewhere to hide was so huge it drove every other thought out of her head. She had a brief mental image of herself as a disaster survivor and the man opposite as the rescue worker who had just draped an emergency blanket around her shoulders. She resisted the temptation to cling to him, garbling out incoherent thanks until he was forced to gently pry her hands away. They were the wild thoughts spinning through Connie Lacey’s mind as she listened to the clipped tones of the attorney.
With hindsight, she probably should have paid more attention to the strangeness of the offer he was making and the diffident manner with which he made it. Gratitude will do that to you, she decided later. At the time her attention was taken up with grabbing this opportunity. Nod, smile, and sign on the dotted line. Don’t ask questions that might make him withdraw this incredible invitation. All she could focus on was the fact that—for thirty days, at least—she would not have to sleep with a knife under her pillow.
“You have one week.” She realized Mr. Reynolds had finished outlining the details of the proposal. “My client will expect you to be in Florida in exactly seven days’ time.”
Connie swallowed hard. She might have known there would be a catch. The logistics of getting to Florida posed a massive problem. Mentally, she reviewed the contents of her wallet. She knew exactly how much cash was in there. It wouldn’t get her across town let alone across the country. Before she could speak, Mr. Reynolds reached into the desk drawer and produced a hefty roll of banknotes. His expression softened slightly as he passed them across the desk.
“Expenses. For the journey and such sundry other items as may be necessary.” He cleared his throat with a hint of something that might have been embarrassment. “My client is a very exacting man. His guests will, for example, be required to dress for dinner during their stay on Corazón.”
Darn! And there I was thinking I had successfully managed to hide the fact that the sole is hanging off one of my sneakers and this sweater has forgotten what color it used to be.
Connie stuffed the wad of cash into her shoulder bag with a muttered word of thanks. If an encounter with Sylvester’s attorney could reduce her to the status of a gibbering wreck, how on earth was she going to cope with the man himself?
As she got to her feet, Mr. Reynolds rose and came around the desk. He held out his hand. Surprised, Connie took it. Instead of the handshake she had expected, he clasped her hand between both of his. It was an oddly tactile gesture for such an aloof man.
“However this venture may turn out…” He paused and Connie sensed he was fighting an internal battle. As if the personal and professional were at war within him. The result felt like his version of a truce. “I wish you well, Miss Lacey.”
It was only later, when she got back to her grim, one-room apartment and counted—then, in disbelief, re-counted—the money, that she began to truly appreciate the gulf between her world and that of Corazón. What constituted “sundry other items” to Mr. Reynolds was almost a year’s salary to Connie.
Laughing, she tossed the notes into the air and briefly contemplated just disappearing with them. To hell with “second cousin several convoluted times removed” Sylvester and his mysteriously worded proposition. This money could buy her the freedom from fear she had been dreaming of. Temporarily, it was true, but even that was so much more than she had wished for. No more moving from town to town and job to job? No more looking over her shoulder? Yeah, I’ll take that and deal with the future when it gets here.
A pang of guilt tugged at her. Backing out wasn’t an option. She had just accepted Mr. Reynolds’s wretched invitation and a promise was, after all, a promise. Besides—despite its reputation—she was intrigued enough by Corazón to want to see it and, even if she admitted it only to herself, she wanted to meet the legendary Sylvester.
The ease with which Arthur Reynolds, senior partner in the firm of Reynolds, Prudah and Taylor, had tracked her down was unsettling. Even if she hadn’t been contemplating answering Sylvester’s eccentric summons, it would have been time to move on. Goodbye—she experienced a minor moment of panic as she tried to remember where she was. It had to happen one day—Farmington, Missouri. The last month has been okay, but it was never a long-term thing. We both knew it. No hard feelings.
She had a week to prepare for the journey. With a shrug, she tucked the money away at the back of her closet and curled up on the bed with a book. Connie could have her belongings packed in an hour. She’d done it often enough.

 About the Author:
 Jane Godman writes in a variety of genre. Many of her stories are heavily tinged with the supernatural and elements of horror, with haunted characters tormented by dark secrets.

 Jane writes paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne. Her Otherworld Series is set in a mystical land inhabited by many races, including faeries, vampires, lycanthropes, phantoms and gods. Unfortunately, the constant battles between these warring dynasties threaten to spill over into the mortal realm.

 Jane’s series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, Sons of Stillwater, will be coming soon.

 Jane also writes steamy historical romance for Samhain Publishing and her Georgian Rebel Series features compelling heroes who fight hard for the cause they believe in and harder for the women they love.

 In 2017, Jane has a new paranormal romance series coming from SMP Swerve.
Watch out for her hot Arctic werewolves!

 Jane lives in Cheshire, England, is married to a lovely man and is mum to two grown up children.

 Website: Twitter: Facebook: Goodreads:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Cup of...

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Well we were supposed to go to a Animal park down state this weekend but the hot water tank breaking a pipe put the kibosh on that. We're now going next weekend with the in-laws. 
I started training in the cutting room, Thursday but only spent the morning over there. Minion wasn't able to keep up and I got called back to my department to bail her out. I really don't think this is going to work out, much to my disappointment. I have to admit I really liked running the knife, but I had some issues laying up the material. I think I'll be able to get it with some practice though. Anyway fingers crossed that things work out later on in the month. 

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In my mailbox...

Onyx Webb: Book One (Onyx Webb #1) by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz



What I'm Reading... 

Onyx Webb: Book One (Onyx Webb #1) by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz (reading for review)

by Elizabeth Clor (Taking the Long Way Home Book Club Read)

The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume (Started listening to at work)

The Masquerader by Katherine Cecil Thurston (Listening to at work)

Here Comes The Witch (Main Street Witches #1) by Ani Gonzalez (Review to come)

That Affair Next Door (Mr. Gryce #8) by Anna Katharine Green

So that's it for this week, hope you'll stop by next Sunday. If you like this idea, go ahead and make your own Sunday Cup of... post, no link back needed. I know some folks commented on the button, you're welcome to use it if you want. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

{Spotlight} The Dragon Sphere (Nation of Dragons #1) by Abel Gallardo

The Dragon Sphere banner

This is my stop during the blog tour for The Dragon Sphere by Abel Gallardo. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 8 till 21 August, you can view the tour schedule here

The Dragon SphereThe Dragon Sphere (Nation of Dragons #1)
by Abel Gallardo
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: July 20, 2016

Landon Brown, fifteen year old high school football star, is always on the top of his game. That is until he receives a visit from an uncle he’s never met with information about Landon’s father, who disappeared without a trace thirteen years before. Landon learns that the life he’s been living is a lie and that his true nature is powerful and dangerous. He’s half dragon and a threat to the delicate balance that has kept dragon society hidden from humans for hundreds of years.
Landon now must learn about his dragon heritage and train to control his incredible abilities with the help of the Elder Dragons, a bizarre trainer named Alpha, and other dragonoids like himself.
He quickly realizes that the mysterious world of dragons, spirits, and secret societies are not for the weak. Tasked with finding the Dragon Sphere, an ancient relic harboring a terrible power that could destroy the world, Landon recognizes that he just might be way in over his head. Will he be able to control his newfound power in time for the fight of his life?
You can find The Dragon Sphere on Goodreads
You can buy The Dragon Sphere here:

- Amazon Paperback

“I can see him,” she said in disbelief. “I can make out his form. It’s as if the air is bending around his body. He’s about twenty yards straight ahead, and about ten feet off the ground. It looks like he’s waiting for something.”
Just then I heard a loud rush of wind swirling towards me. The force knocked me to the ground. I picked myself up right away.
“WATCH OUT!” yelled Aurora, as I felt the full force of a fist against the left side of my face.
The wind demon swirled towards Aurora. She rolled to the side, then put her hand up and blocked a blow from above. With a clenched fist and eyes closed, Aurora pounded the air, hoping to hit the demon. It was a powerful blow that summoned a strong gust of air with its force. I noticed dust and small fragments of rock blast off from the ground as the demon’s invisible body landed on them. I ran to the spot where the demon had hit the ground, hoping to hit him while he was down. Before I could even swing, though, I was lifted ten feet in the air and dropped straight down.
As I was about to land, Aurora pushed a pocket of air towards me to break my fall. Unfortunately she missed, and I ended up hitting the ground. I landed hard on my back. Nothing was broken and my head didn’t hurt; I took it as a good sign.
“Are you okay?” shouted Aurora.
I nodded and asked where the demon was. Before she could answer, she shot a powerful gust that blew me away.
“What the…?” I called to her as I rose angrily to my feet. Then I suddenly realized what she had done. The demon had been right above me and had smashed a crater into the ground where I was lying just seconds before. If she hadn’t pushed me back, he would’ve tackled me deep into the earth.
“He’s down!” she yelled.
Dust, pebbles and other debris slid into the deep crater created by the wind demon. I felt an intense rush of energy flow through my body as I willed the freshly made crater, where the demon had landed, to collapse onto itself. I compacted the rocks, dirt, and branches into a spherical shape and enclosed the wind demon within it.
“LET ME OUT!” called the demon. “I am Soldier the mighty. I will destroy you stupid kids!”
“We should let Alpha know that we trapped him,” Aurora suggested.
I nodded in agreement but was speechless. I was astonished that the earth listened to me. The energy that ran through my body actually moved the ground. Aurora waved her hand in front of my face and snapped me out of my shock. She looked exhausted, even though we’d only been out here for a few minutes.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Those wind blasts drained me,” she said, her warm smile assuring me she was okay.
We turned back to the cave to inform Alpha of our success.
“AAARRRGGGHHH!” screamed the wind demon, as he exploded the rocky sphere he was trapped in. The demon was furiously gasping for air. I could see him now; his body was covered in dirt and other debris. He was about six feet tall, with a muscular build, and he was wearing… was that a toga?
“Where did you get the dress?” I mocked.
The demon howled in anger and swirled towards us. Aurora and I evaded his attack by rolling away from each other. I got up quickly, sprinted towards him and punched him in his midsection. Before I could get another punch in, he blasted me with a gust of wind that knocked me on my back. But the dusty figure was holding his gut with his left hand and wincing in pain. Aurora shot a blast of wind at him that pushed him face first to the ground. Instinctively, I raised my right arm and willed a patch of earth below his face to rise up and strike him.
The demon roared.

Abel GallardoAbout the Author:
Abel Gallardo was greatly influenced by Greek mythology, comic books, and the fantasy/mystery novels he had read as a child. Shortly after graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, he began writing stories that reminded him of the adventures he cherished growing up. Abel Gallardo now lives with his wife and children in Albuquerque, NM.
You can find and contact Abel here:

- Website

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Goodreads


There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of The Dragon Sphere. Two winners will each win a 10$ amazon gift card!
For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Cup of...

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So I finally have some news for y'all first is I am the proud aunt of another healthy baby boy. He was born 8/12/16 around 10:10 am and weigh 9lbs. My SIL is doing great as well. 
Now on the work situation I finally pulled on my big girl panties and asked the Head Honcho what was going on. Sometime next week I will be tried out for a new position in our cutting room. If I get it I'll (hopefully) lose my position as Bartack Supe and become a floater, this means I'll go where they need me. It's not a huge change but I'm hoping that I'll no longer have the stress of being a supervisor. Although have very little faith that Minion will be able to hold her own if/when this happens. Especially after what happened Thursday... We were giving the option of leaving early because of the heat and coming into work friday well I took advantage of this. When I went in Friday morning the department was a mess, two machines were broke and I didn't have all the pieces I needed to finish the suits despite the fact I told them two weeks ago I needed the supplies. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, add in a migraine that was so bad I wanted to throw up and it's a miracle that I made it the full five hours. 

Here's what was on the blog this week...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
{Workout Weds} Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Thursday, August 11, 2016
{Review} ProSupps Mr Hyde CUTZ Blue Razz

Friday, August 12, 2016
#fitreader update

Saturday, August 13, 2016
2016's Dog Days 5k Recap

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In my mailbox...




What I'm Reading... 
Here Comes The Witch (Main Street Witches #1) by Ani Gonzalez (ARC for Book Tour Super excited to get this as I loved her Banshee Creek series)

by Elizabeth Clor (Taking the Long Way Home Book Club Read)

The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume (Started listening to at work)

Death of a Darklord (Ravenloft #13) by Laurell K. Hamilton 

Arthur Mervyn by Charles Brockden Brown 

So that's it for this week, hope you'll stop by next Sunday. If you like this idea, go ahead and make your own Sunday Cup of... post, no link back needed. I know some folks commented on the button, you're welcome to use it if you want. Have a great week!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Cup of...

Sunday Cup of... is a mash up of 
The Sunday Post Hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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Mailbox Monday Located at Mailbox Monday
Basically it's a weekly post where I talk about books, bloggy things, and possibly not so bloggy things. It'll be a weekly wrap up / news bulletin type deal. Sound good? If you want to link to your own week feel free to post in the comments.

Everything is pretty much like it was last week, works up in the air, and my poor sister-in-law still hasn't had the baby. 

Monday, August 1, 2016
{Review} July JackedPack

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
{Random Rant} Say my name

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
{Workout Weds} Bedtime Yoga - 20 Minute Calming & Relaxing Night Time Flow

Thursday, August 4, 2016
{Book Review} The Body Reader by Anne Frasier

Friday, August 5, 2016
#Fitreader Update

Also posted July JackedPacked Unboxing vid

I had to pull June's Unboxing to make some edits. I was thinking of making some book related vlogs. I used to do book review vids, they never got many hit, but were fun to make. What do you all think? Do you watch book related stuff on youtube?

All links go to Goodreads pages

In my mailbox...



What I'm Reading... 
Here Comes The Witch (Main Street Witches #1) by Ani Gonzalez (ARC for Book Tour Super excited to get this as I loved her Banshee Creek series)

by Elizabeth Clor (Taking the Long Way Home Book Club Read)

Death of a Darklord (Ravenloft #13) by Laurell K. Hamilton (Bedtime Reading)

Arthur Mervyn by Charles Brockden Brown (Listening to at work)

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (Started listening to at work then had to take a break. I'd listened to two Jane Austen books before this and couldn't take a third.)

So that's it for this week, hope you'll stop by next Sunday. If you like this idea, go ahead and make your own Sunday Cup of... post, no link back needed. I know some folks commented on the button, you're welcome to use it if you want. Have a great week!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

{Book Review} The Body Reader by Anne Frasier

The Body Reader
by Anne Frasier
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Release: June 21st 2016 by
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Thriller
How I got it: Received a free copy from NetGalley

For three years, Detective Jude Fontaine was kept from the outside world. Held in an underground cell, her only contact was with her sadistic captor, and reading his face was her entire existence. Learning his every line, every movement, and every flicker of thought is what kept her alive.

After her experience with isolation and torture, she is left with a fierce desire for justice—and a heightened ability to interpret the body language of both the living and the dead. Despite colleagues’ doubts about her mental state, she resumes her role at Homicide. Her new partner, Detective Uriah Ashby, doesn’t trust her sanity, and he has a story of his own he’d rather keep hidden. But a killer is on the loose, murdering young women, so the detectives have no choice: they must work together to catch the madman before he strikes again. And no one knows madmen like Jude Fontaine.

Review: I found this to be a very unique take on a thriller. The book starts off with Jude a victim of abduction and captive in a cellar, by a psycho. This has left her with the ability to interpret body language with uncanny accuracy.  Against the doubts of her colleagues, she returns to work. Her new partner Detective Uriah Ashby has his hands full, dealing with his own alcoholic tendencies and paranoia about Jude's mental state.
I was engrossed in this book from page 1 and loved it right to the end. All the twist and turns, in the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. The plot was engaging, the characters real and interesting. I enjoyed every moment, cheering Jude and biting my nails during those tense moments.
Ms Frasier writes one dang good read.  She moves between several POVs but never confuses or head hops, keeping you on your toes. Overall this book was wonderfully done.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

{Random Rant} Say my name

Ok today I'm going to blow off some steam, and beat one of my pet peeves... authors who don't take the extra step. I get several review request a day from authors, independent and with publishing sites also from assistants or PR people.  The majority of them start with one of these...
  • Dear Blogger
  • Dear Book Reviewer
  • Hello Momofjandc
  • Momofjandc
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Notice not one of these has my name. Now I would totally be ok with this if my name was not on every post on here, but it is right down on the bottom in big black letters. Go ahead scroll down I'll wait.

Back? Ok so why can't these folks use my name? Is it really so much to ask, to personalize the email just a little bit. When I see these other intros I think is this a form letter they send out to all the reviewers. Not to mention I'm more likely to accept someone who has taken the time to look at my blog. Sometimes it's clear they haven't even looked at it, by what they send.
Is this something that bugs other bloggers or just me? Am I being to I don't know egotistical thinking this? Is it wrong to want to be treated like a human and not some machine that churns out book reviews? What do you folks think?