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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

{Random Rant} Say my name

Ok today I'm going to blow off some steam, and beat one of my pet peeves... authors who don't take the extra step. I get several review request a day from authors, independent and with publishing sites also from assistants or PR people.  The majority of them start with one of these...
  • Dear Blogger
  • Dear Book Reviewer
  • Hello Momofjandc
  • Momofjandc
  • Hi I saw your blog and...

Notice not one of these has my name. Now I would totally be ok with this if my name was not on every post on here, but it is right down on the bottom in big black letters. Go ahead scroll down I'll wait.

Back? Ok so why can't these folks use my name? Is it really so much to ask, to personalize the email just a little bit. When I see these other intros I think is this a form letter they send out to all the reviewers. Not to mention I'm more likely to accept someone who has taken the time to look at my blog. Sometimes it's clear they haven't even looked at it, by what they send.
Is this something that bugs other bloggers or just me? Am I being to I don't know egotistical thinking this? Is it wrong to want to be treated like a human and not some machine that churns out book reviews? What do you folks think?

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  1. I'm not bugged so much my the name thing, but I have very clear instructions in My Policies for submitting a review. As a new blogger (6 months), I have only ever received TWO requests that followed those instructions and one was for a genre I don't review (so they obviously didn't read the whole thing.

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