Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Phoenix 10K Triple Challenge Recap

In a fit of insanity I signed up for this 10k Challenge, it's 3 10k races all in one package. The most I've ever run at once was around 5 miles, so 6.2 shouldn't be that bad. Actually it wasn't. I felt pretty darn good after running it. Here's my time and medal for race #1. I don't think I did to bad...

Race #2 gave me some problems, I started running it Friday the 16th on the treadmill and nearly blacked out 2.04 miles in. So Saturday I decided to get up early and finish it. I got up and went out running figure eights around our yard and the trail behind DK's Grandma's. I managed to run the other 4.20 miles. I also scared a mommy and baby deer, I tried to get a picture but the camera on my phone sucks. After that about 2 miles into the run, my headphones crapped out, thankfully the route circled pass the house so I just tossed um on the porch and kept going. I did get a little nervous when I heard gunshots, I was glad we don't allow hunting on our land and I was wearing bright yellow. Even if it isn't hunting season yet. 
Overall time 67:01 mins with a 10:48 min pace.

For the 3rd run in this challenge I managed to cut 20 mins off my over all time. Going from over an hour to just over 40 mins, I'm so proud of myself. I don't know why I was about to do so much better on this run, except I covered the time display on my treadmill. It was distracting, so maybe I just wasn't paying attention to the time anymore and that allowed me to just relax an' run. If that makes sense. 

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